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Server Donations
To support our add-on authors and purchase server upgrades, all donations are appreciated!
Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.
Funds and spending will be documented here.  If you'd like your donation to go towards something specific, simply post the amount and cause in the ShoutBox !

Funds ($-86.99) 
19.99 Donation (RAM) Visigoth
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20.00 Donation (RAM) Mulcibaer
Epicraft Preview
The Rin Herald
New Management
By Astronum, Jun 27, 11 2:16 PM

As the majority of you may have noticed the lack of Asehma on the server. Asehma will be taking a quote: "taking a hiatus which I'm pretty sure will end up being permanent. Which means I, Astronum, Will be taking controlRead More


Epicraft is a casual roleplay server—meaning though we do not require extensive character or back-story planning, our focus is on distinct cultures and an immersive world.  A rich lore has been written for the world of Rin.  As an adventurer, your actions will shape the way of things to come—be it through amassing great wealth and starting a new kingdom, or by bolstering the ranks of a long founded nation.  Spend your time learning the ways of this world and conquering long since lost civilizations, prove your courage by besting arenas built for battle, or choose to retire after a life of questing... Become a savvy merchant trading between outposts, cities, and nations to amass unparalleled wealth and influence through monetary persuasion.

Interested players who don’t opt to use the Epicraft texture pack should note that some of our colored wools are differently textured for construction. Magenta Wool should be textured to look like roof thatching, Pink to be like carved stone column, and Purple to be dried reeds for bamboo-like applications.

Why pick us

Our world is built in homage to old school RPGs and we will persist in keeping this aesthetic.  This may seem like a common claim for RP servers, however our uniqueness stems from the fact that we will not allow the infrastructure to become so advanced that it removes any threat from playing what is ultimately meant to be a survival game.  We plan events for our community to immerse themselves in, such as festivals, religious ceremonies, wars, and skill contests.  Another unique feature we offer is planned dungeons.  Test your mettle against what the dungeon master has prepared, and collect your prize from the chests within!  Some of this content is designed for the solo player, though others will be developed requiring a team!  Using mcMMO’s party system along with our dedicated Teamspeak3 server, raids against the group dungeons will surely find the experience rewarding!  Our Teamspeak server is also usable for file transfers and hosting amongst our community, allowing us to trade textures and consider user submissions to change the way our world looks!  Finally, we offer our services in building character skins for our community, if requested.

Be sure to check the 'Getting Started' tab for info regarding EpiCraft

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